Noel Philips is a UK based travel journalist and content creator. Noel has been creating travel content since 2001, and has covered journeys all over the world.

Noel Philips is a UK based travel vlogger and reviewer. Noel has been creating travel reviews and vlogs since 2001, and has covered airlines all over the world.

About Noel Philips

Noel Philips is a UK based travel reporter and content creator.  He has been creating aviation content,  travel reviews, vlogs and trip reports since 2001.  Noel’s aim is to bring the experience of travel and flight to the internet, from the mundane to the exotic, from the smallest of aircraft to the largest.  Through his YouTube channel and social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) he aims to bring the magic of flight to all, allowing everyone to experience the world from 40,000ft regardless of circumstances.

Noel Philips

When he’s not flying, Noel is dedicated to helping people save money on their airfares and enabling them to travel smarter, through his Travology page.

Noel has been featured in news articles and TV around the world, with his videos shown on TV networks in 5 continents. Since 2013, he has flown over 500,000 miles, visiting every continent except Antarctica (it’s on the wish list).

Noel Philips with an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800 at Cordova, Alaska

Noel Philips is originally from Leicester, UK, and currently lives in Northeast Derbyshire with his wife Rachel and two children. Noel worked in IT Security for many years before being lucky enough to be able to take his passion for aviation full time.

In his spare time, Noel is a private pilot and can be found flying around the UK in a Cessna 172.