Here’s my Aerolineas Argentinas Review, onboard a Boeing 737-800 for a flight from Buenos Aires to Sao Paulo. Are they really South America’s Best Airline?

There’s three airports serving Buenos Aires, Aeroparque near the city centre, Moron to the north west and the main airport, Ezeiza, to the west of the city, which is about an hours drive in traffic.

Ezeiza’s having a new terminal built at the moment which is causing chaos.

Once through security I hit the mammoth queue for passport control which took over half an hour to negotiate, and the departure board didn’t offer much help.

My ride to Sao Paulo today was this Boeing 737, delivered brand new to Aerolineas in 2015.

Fairly soon a queue formed at the gate indicating it was time to board.

Aerolineas’ 737s have a small business class cabin at the front in 2-2 configuration, which they call ‘Club Economy’. Behind that are 27 rows of standard economy class, with a comfortable 32 inch seat pitch.

I was sitting right at the back today, in row 29.

Aerolineas were named best major airline in Latin America by TripAdvisor recently, something that they advertise on every headrest.

The seats in economy are really comfortable. There’s plenty of padding and 32 inch pitch is lovely for such a short flight.

The overhead bins filled up long before the seats did, and the crew had to valet check quite a lot of bags.

Before long the bags were all stowed and we were on our way to the runway for today’s flight.

Our route today took us north out of Buenos Aires into Uruguay, before entering Brazil and heading up the coast to Sao Paulo. FLight time today was 2 hours 24 minutes, at a cruising altitude of 39,000ft.

Despite SeatGuru warning of no recline, the last row reclines just fine.

Soon after takeoff there was a snack service, with a sandwich, chocolate and a drink. The sandwich was actually really nice, and for a change wasn’t too dry to eat.

Aerolineas operate a fleet of narrowbody and widebody aircraft all over the world.

Their domestic route network covers almost everywhere in Argentina, from Iguazu in the north to Ushuaia in the south.

There’s apparently wifi on the 737s, however it didn’t seem to be working on today’s flight.

After a comfortable couple of hours, we commenced our descent into Sao Paulo as the sun started to set over in the west.

There was still some evidence of the recent forest fires near Sao Paulo, but fortunately most have been put out now.

After landing, not everyone wanted to wait until the aircraft had stopped to get out of their seat.

Overall I left this flight with a great impression of Aerolineas. Boarding this flight I wasn’t sure what to expect – but any doubts I had were soon surpassed by their excellent service, comfortable seats and amazing crew.

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