I flew from Manhattan to JFK Airport in New York onboard a BLADE Helicopter, the Uber of the skies! It worked out cheaper than an Uber Black and took just 7 minutes, compared to the 90 minutes in rush hour traffic an Uber would have taken.

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This is Blade. They call themselves the ‘Uber of the skies’ and operate a helicopter shuttle service from downtown Manhattan to all the major New York airports.

They’ll cover the journey from Manhattan to JFK in around five minutes, compared to over an hour and a half if you’re driving in rush hour or taking the subway.

You simply book using their app on your phone, and a helicopter will whisk you to the airport for less than 200 dollars. Compared to an Uber this isn’t much more expensive, and gets you there in a fraction of the time.

Blade operate a continuous service every single day between three heliports in Manhattan and the major airports, and you can book up to 20 minutes before departure. Today I was flying from their lounge on West 30th Street, right on the banks of the Hudson.

I arrived at the lounge on West 30th street, on the banks of the Hudson, 15 minutes before my flight.

Once you’re checked in, you get a snap band as a boarding pass, which serves as a cool souvenir too.

I took a seat in their lounge while I was served a cup of coffee. There was barely time to drink it before my ride to JFK landed right outside the window.

My ride today was a Bell 407 helicopter that seats up to six passengers.

We were called for boarding and escorted out to the waiting helicopter.

Today there were five of us traveling – a family of three, a lucky guy who was given the passenger seat up front, and myself.

You can only take one carry on bag and one personal item onto the helicopter, due to the weight and space restriction on the helicopter.

Once everyone was on board it was time to lift off over the Hudson River and begin our quick trip to the airport.

Our route today took us south along the Hudson, before rounding the bottom of Manhattan Island and heading direct for JFK Airport.

Flight time today was 7 minutes and 50 seconds,at a cruising altitude of 500feet.

After takeoff we got some magnificent views of New York on this bumpy afternoon.

Once we passed Manhattan we flew overhead Brooklyn at 500 feet on course direct to JFK.

We touched down at the western end of JFK, on the Sheltair ramp.

From the FBO we still had to get to the airport terminal – about a 5 minute drive in the included transfer limo.

My flight with Blade today cost me $145 using one of the many promo codes available online. The usual price is $195, with a $50 discount if you book a return trip. It’s expensive – but still works out much cheaper than an Uber Black and takes a fraction of the time, although by the time you’ve driven out to the heliport and had the ride to the terminal it does take a little longer than the 5 minutes quoted. Still though, when you have the choice of sitting in traffic or soaring above it and arriving in style in a helicopter, which would you take?

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