Alison Guthrie
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Noel Philips and team send their thoughts to those affected by these unprecedented times. We stand
committed to supporting the aviation and travel communities as they’ve been most severely affected by
COVID-19 and many struggle to survive. It is our responsibility to bring continued awareness to their plight.

“I know my limited travel during this time is economically stimulating the industry when many companies
face grave futures. Additionally, our travel vlogs provide viewers an escape from the grim current reality. If I can uplift a single person during this time, I’ve done my job,” stated Noel Philips.

Noel Philips and his team adhere to all travel related restrictions and precautions mandated by the United
Kingdom and governments abroad as described for journalists. All precautions as dictated by the
Department of Health, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, and World Health Organization are adhered to.
As travel guidelines continually change, we are constantly updating our precautions. Additionally, we are
subject to regular COVID-19 PCR tests.

Since the onset of COVID-19, our travel schedule is contingent on requirements of the United Kingdom,
destination city, and all transit cities passed through. We have traveled significantly less in 2020 and
continually make cuts to the filming schedule. As statistics are beginning to demonstrate, the risks of
contracting COVID-19 during air travel is significantly lower than previously believed, but this does not
affect the heightened safety measures our team continues to take.

We encourage our great community to celebrate their passion for aviation and travel while using it to
bring continued awareness to the current needs of the industry. We are grateful for having the continued
opportunity to travel, share our experiences with the world, and economically assist an industry that has
provided us so much throughout the course of our lives.


Noel has been fascinated by all things aviation since a child. He obtained his private pilots’ license at 19
and has been traveling and creating viral aviation related content since 2000. Today, Noel flies over
100,000 miles a year, flying everything from helicopters to private jets, from obscure airlines in the
backwoods of Russia to first class on the world’s best airlines—all in the quest of experiencing how
aviation transforms lives around the globe. Today, Noel has made films on every continent except
Antarctica (it’s on the list!). Whether trekking across Kazakhstan on Soviet airliners, taking night trains
across Russia or flying light aircraft around California, he covers everything travel.