Noel Philips is a British aviation and travel vlogger, and a private pilot.

Noel has been fascinated by all things aviation since a child. He obtained his pilots’ license at 19 and has been traveling and creating viral aviation related content since 2000. Today, Noel flies over 100,000 miles a year, flying everything from obscure airlines in the backwoods of Russia to first class on the world’s best airlines—all in the quest of experiencing how aviation transforms lives around the globe.



Q. Why did you start filming flight videos?

A. When I was a child, I was aviation mad and the internet did not exist.  There was no way I’d be able to fly on an aircraft to get my aviation fix.  As an adult, I’m fortunate to be able to fly on aircraft regularly.  Just being able to share that experience of flight is what motivates me to film every time I fly – even when I might not be in the mood to get my camera out!

Q. How can you afford to you fly so often?

A. I’m very fortunate to be in a position where I fly at least several times a month.  This is due primarily to ad revenue from my videos on Facebook and YouTube, my kind supporters on Patreon/Facebook and affiliate income which keeps me creating content. 

Q. Why do you create aviation videos?

A. Aviation runs in my blood.  It’s been a passion of mine for most of my life, and creating videos helps me to share this love of aviation with people around the world. 

Q. What is your job?

A. I am a full time content creator. I’m very lucky to be living my dream, traveling the world and reviewing flights and travel experiences for my viewers.

Q. Isn’t all this flying bad for the environment?

A. There’s no way around the fact that flights are bad news for the environment.  Building a channel that mainly revolves around flying leaves a huge carbon footprint.  I take many steps to try and offset my carbon emissions, and carbon offset my flights every year. 

Q, Where do you find such cheap flights?

A. By trawling the web it’s possible to find some incredible deals.  My go to website is FlyerTalk‘s Premium Fares and Mileage Run forum.  From there Google Flights helps to find cheap flights and allows you to book.

Q, What equipment do you use to film your videos?

A. See the tab ‘My Gear’ above for a list of all of my gear.