I climbed out of the taxi and entered the small but barren railway station at Chesterfield. The place felt different on a Sunday, stressed commuters and sales people gave way to elderly people travelling home from visiting family, or families heading out for a day shopping. Previously, I was one of them. I was usually here at some ungodly hour on a Monday morning, travelling to the city for several days sitting in a meeting room, convincing people I really knew what I was talking about (while in reality spending most of the time nodding and picking random business buzzwords to throw around, talking about high availability, dynamic routing protocols and ‘big data’, hoping that they all fell into the general flow of the conversation in a semi-coherent order).

I stepped off the train into St Pancras station, it’s familiar words ‘I Just Want My Time With You’ illuminated at the foot of the platform. I was anxious, but unsure why. It took a few moments to remind myself that I wasn’t about to head into yet another meeting and blag my way around technology. I was on the first step of my new adventure. This was ‘work’, but not work. This was something I actually enjoyed. I had nobody to please apart from my family – customers and bosses were a thing of the past.

My first filming trip working for myself was underway. Even the tube felt less like a chore, as it made its way steadfastly towards the leafy suburbs of West London, and Heathrow Airport, where I would board a Turkish Airlines Airbus A330 to Istanbul.

I’d arrived at the office.

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Noel Philips is a UK based travel vlogger and reviewer. Noel documents his flight and rail adventures all around the world, with over 1 million followers across Facebook and YouTube.

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