Flying Eyes are my preferred brand of glasses and sunglasses thanks to their incredible comfort, and slim fit allowing me to wear my headset with no noise leakage and no painful glasses arms digging into the side of my face! They’re great for non-pilots too, and I love wearing them when I’m traveling as I can rest my head while relaxing on the plane and don’t have my glasses dig into the side of my face.

I used to be sceptical about how good these glasses would be, but now I’ve tried them I wouldn’t use anything else and wear my Flying Eyes every day as my regular glasses.

They offer standard opthalmic glasses (my everyday glasses) which you simply get your prescription added to, and the glasses come with a cool magnetic clip on sunglasses part that means it’s easy to switch from standard glasses to prescription sunglasses just by popping them on the front of your glasses. I wear the Otus as my everyday glasses, and have a pair of Kestrel Aviators too.

Flying Eyes customer service is brilliant too – you get 30 days to try them and can return them at any time in this period. I’ve also found their shipping to be incredible – even in the UK, I’ve had glasses shipped on a Tuesday and I’ve received them the same Thursday, despite them coming from Texas in the USA!

If you use code NOEL on this link you’ll get a cool 10% off your pair of Flying Eyes.