I first obtained my PPL in July 2001, after 48 hours of instruction. I flew regularly until 2003 when we moved into our first house and I simply could not afford to keep flying. First lesson – never take out a loan to pay for flight instruction! The ongoing costs are fare more than the instruction.  I’d all but given up any idea of flying again, until the events o f2020 came along and inspired me to grab life by the horns, and get back in the skies.  With just a few hours of instruction and a checkride, plus a long wait for the CAA to sort their paperwork, I was soon the proud holder once again of a valid SEP (single engine piston) rating and was able to fly once more.

About Author

Noel Philips is a UK based travel vlogger and reviewer. Noel documents his flight and rail adventures all around the world, with over 1 million followers across Facebook and YouTube.

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