Actually, around 60% of my flights are in economy.  When I’m not filming, I’m more often than not in the back (I’m a tight northerner, I have to justify paying more money – and will only usually do that when I can film). The reality is though that there isn’t that much to show in economy! One airline’s economy is pretty much the same as another airline’s economy – you have a seat, maybe a meal if you’re lucky, and that’s it. There’s certainly not enough to create a meaningful video from.  The other issue is that the majority of people just don’t want to watch economy reviews. I have created economy reviews before (especially when the channel was younger) and sadly they just don’t get the views to make them sustainable.

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Noel Philips is a UK based travel vlogger and reviewer. Noel documents his flight and rail adventures all around the world, with over 1 million followers across Facebook and YouTube.

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