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How long have you had your PPL?

I first obtained my PPL in July 2001, after 48 hours of instruction. I flew regularly until 2003 when we moved into our first house and I simply could not afford to keep flying. First lesson – never take out a loan to pay for flight instruction! The ongoing costs are fare more than the …

How do you start to learn to fly?

The first step is to book a trial lesson with your local flying school.  This is usually a 30-60 minute lesson with an instructor, and you’ll usually get to have a go at flying the plane under instruction.  After that, there’s a number of routes to your license that the school will go through with …

Isn’t it hard to fly a plane?

Not at all!  I find it much easier flying a plane than driving a car.  There’s no traffic to worry about, and plenty of sky to go around for everyone!  Landings are the tricky part, but with a little practise they become second nature and you’ll wonder why you ever worried about it.

What aircraft do you fly?

I fly two aircraft from Gamston Airfield, near to Retford in North Nottinghamshire. G-GALB is a Piper PA28-161 Warrior II, a 4 seater aircraft that was built in 1986, and is fitted with Garmin G5 avionics.  I use this aircraft for shorter flights, or flights where I need to land on a shorter airstrip. G-AVYT …

Where do you fly from?

I fly from Gamston Airfield, near to Retford in North Nottinghamshire.  It’s a lovely little airfield with a real community spirit.  I would highly recommend Gamston Flying School to anyone local looking to either start or continue their training, or rent from a good selection of aircraft.