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Why are there so many ads in your videos?

I get it. Ads are annoying. Ultimately though they’re the only way you’re able to watch videos on YouTube free of charge.  From our point of view we simply tick a button when we upload – to monetise the video. The placement of the ads is all down to YouTube. I would highly recommending looking …

What cameras do you use?

My equipment (as of March 2021) is as follows: 1 x GoPro Hero9 Black with Media Mod Kit Used for the vlog footage, as well as mounted in the cockpit of my pilot videos and connected to the intercom to record the ATC 2 x GoPro Hero7 Black One is clipped to my backpack when …

What software do you use to edit?

For editing I use FinalCutPro X on my Macbook Pro.  I find it faster and easier to edit than my previous choice,  Adobe Premiere Pro.  I also use Adobe After Effects for some animation effects.

What software do you use for your flight map animation?

The flight map is a piece of software I built based on Cesium, with map layers designed on MapBox.  This sits on a web server.  As much as I’d love to release this as a public piece of software – it’s very clunky and I just don’t have time to manage any support that would …

What app do you use to track your flight?

On the aircraft I usually use ForeFlight, which is the same software used by the crew on their iPads in the flight deck. When I’m flying myself I tend to use SkyDemon as my navigation app.