Here’s how Loganair really managed to impress me with their handling of a huge flight delay. This Loganair review shows how they turned a 22 hour delay into a plane full of (mostly) smiling passengers, and even got some passengers home early.

I arrived at the check in desk in Stavanger, to find out my original flight to Newcastle had been delayed by over four hours. However to my surprise there was another, earlier flight to Newcastle showing on the departure boards, that was never an option when I booked. It was scheduled for two hours previously, however also had a three hour delay, meaning it would leave an hour from now.

I decided to try my luck and try to get on this earlier flight. The check in agent was so friendly and helpful, and said that actually she was trying to move people from the later flight onto this earlier flight and it would be helping her – if I was in time for the flight.

I had to be quick to get to the gate, as the aircraft was on the ground and due to depart very shortly.

It turned out the earlier flight was actually the flight from the day before which had been cancelled due to the aircraft having an oil leak in Newcastle, and it was so far running over 22 hours late! The existing passengers had been put in a hotel overnight, and this aircraft was a rescue flight for them, with quite a few spare seats.

My ride back to Newcastle this afternoon was originally delivered to Ireland’s JetMagic in 2003 – remember them? It then went to City Airline of Sweden and Citelynx before being operated for 10 years by BMI Regional. When they stopped operating in 2019, it was bought by Loganair.

The cabin is still identical to BMI’s Embraer cabins, even with the same headrest covers.

Most of the delayed passengers were Geordie oil workers, who I think it’s fair to say were a little worst for wear after 24 hours on Loganair’s bar tab!

We soon got on our way and taxied out towards the runway. Listen closely for the flight deck warning sound as we spool up!

Our route today took us southwest out of Stavanger and straight across the North Sea to Newcastle. Cruising altitude today was 30,000ft with a flight time of 57 minutes.

Not long after takeoff the usual Loganair snack service started. There’s a tea or coffee, savoury snack and of course a Tunnock’s Wafer.

The flight attendant on today’s flight was absolutely incredible – and couldn’t do enough to help all of the passengers.

We weren’t cruising for too long when the coastline of Northumberland creeped over the horizon, and we started to commence our descent into Newcastle.

We touched down a little over 22 hours late – but for me it was two hours earlier than my scheduled flight. In fact on the ground here, this aircraft went tech again which delayed my original flight by a further six hours, meaning I’d have missed the last train in Newcastle and resulted in a forced night stop in Newcastle.

Fortunately however, Loganair’s proactiveness meant most passengers were pulled forward to this flight, meaning what could have been a bad situation resulted in an arrival two hours early for most passengers.

This combined with the excellent service on the ground and onboard left a positive impression with everyone, even the delayed oil workers.

Loganair really did a lot to impress me on this flight. They showed how to turn a bad situation right around into a positive for everybody. If only other airlines would take a leaf from Loganair’s book and work proactively with passengers to give them a positive impression.

What do you think the way Loganair handled this delay? I’d also be interested to know about your best and worst delay experiences. Has any airline gone above and beyone to help you in a delay, or conversely has any airline really let you down during a delay? Let me know down in the comments.

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