Noel Philips is a British aviation and travel vlogger, and a private pilot.

Noel has been fascinated by all things aviation since a child. He obtained his pilots’ license at 19 and has been traveling and creating viral aviation related content since 2000. Today, Noel flies over 100,000 miles a year, flying everything from obscure airlines in the backwoods of Russia to first class on the world’s best airlines—all in the quest of experiencing how aviation transforms lives around the globe.

Noel Philips

Noel Philips is a UK based travel vlogger and reviewer. Noel has been creating travel reviews and vlogs since 2001, and has covered airlines all over the world.

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  • Hi Noel! I very much have to travel vicariously through your videos these days but….in past times, I went to Lisbon Airport on TAP on my way to back from Marseilles after two weeks in the Greater Marseilles area. I must say, although horribly cliche’, I REALLY enjoyed eating a real McDonalds breakfast at the same place in the Lisbon main terminal as you showed in this adventure.

    Memories of happier days, eh?

    Safe travels and thank you for sharing your thoughts.