I took a flight with India’s largest airline IndiGo Airlines onboard an Airbus A320 to try out Low Cost flying – Indian style!

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IndiGo is India’s largest passenger airline with a market share of 49.9% as of April, 2019. They operate a fleet of over 230 aircraft and are based at primarily at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport, with bases across India.

I flew IndiGo on a domestic flight from Ahmedabad to Mumbai, a flight that’s around an hour long.

Ahmedabad Airport

My flight today started at the compact domestic terminal, at Ahmedabad International Airport. After a boarding pass check I entered the terminal.

Landside the airport at Ahmedabad is pretty spacious, but this soon changes once you go through the elaborately decorated security checkpoint.

The security checkpoint is behind this elaborate entrance.

Security is split into male and female checkpoints.  After passing security all passengers must be hand frisked before proceeding to the departure lounge.

The departure lounge is pretty chaotic – several flights were leaving at the same time. No PA system meant that boarding calls were shouted across the lounge.

Upstairs was a little quieter, and I found a nice museum about Mahatma Gandhi, who set up a temple in Ahmedabad.

Aside from IndiGo, SpiceJet also operate a lot of flights from Ahmedabad, as well as GoAir.

It was soon time to go back downstairs to the chaotic departure lounge, where my flight was preparing for boarding.


We took a bus out to the aircraft, and on arriving had to wait for the final passengers to be disembarked from the inbound flight – bringing back memories of Ryanair flights at Luton!

Boarding was via this ramp.

IndiGo squeeze 180 seats into their Airbus A320s, meaning the cabin was pretty cramped.  For an hour long flight though, it wasn’t too bad.


After some difficulties starting the engines, we finally got on our way and took off into the clear skies over Gujarat.

IndiGo’s inflight magazine is called Hello 6E, a reference to their airline code.

Snacks were available to buy on board, and seemed pretty reasonably priced.

Interestingly, IndiGo only employ female flight attendants.

Landing in Mumbai

After a very short flight we made a descent and landing over the mountains and slums of Mumbai.

An ontime arrival, and we taxied into the domestic terminal.

Overall a pretty pleasant flight with IndiGo. They are most definitely a full-on low cost carrier, but they get you to where you need to go, cheaply and on time. In India, there isn’t much more you can ask for.

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