Noel Philips is a British aviation and travel vlogger, and a private pilot.

Noel has been fascinated by all things aviation since a child. He obtained his pilots’ license at 19 and has been traveling and creating viral aviation related content since 2000. Today, Noel flies over 100,000 miles a year, flying everything from obscure airlines in the backwoods of Russia to first class on the world’s best airlines—all in the quest of experiencing how aviation transforms lives around the globe.

Our gear

Our Gear

We film our full flight videos using exclusively GoPro equipment.  Below are links to the equipment we use.  These are affiliate links which means just by clicking on them you get to help us continue to create the videos you enjoy!

Here’s some of the companies we use while travelling.  Signing up via these links gets you a discount and helps us to create the videos we make:

  • Uber  – This link gets you a discount off your first ride with Uber, and also helps us out when we’re traveling to create our videos.