Economy class has long been the forgotten brethren of the airline industry. While airlines focus on making fantastic improvements to their business and first class cabins, resulting in some fantastic innovations, economy just sits there at the back with little investment.

Qatar Airways have decided to buck the trend and have recently unveiled their first major innovation since the Qsuites – and its in economy.

Each seat features a beautiful 13.3 inch TV screen, the largest in its class. This features a USB socket to stream your own movies too in full 4K resolution.

There’s a non slip stand for your device as well so you can watch on your own screen if you like too.

The seats are revolutionary in that they don’t recline back into the row behind – bound to be a bonus on a long haul flight. No more sitting down for a meal and suddenly getting your dinner thrust in your face by the guy in front! The seat sinks and pushes forward slightly with a hard shell behind.

The downside to this unconventional seat design is that you lose some of the legroom when you slide forward. But at least you don’t have a seat reclining into your space.

It’s not just the seat that’s undergoing a transformation. Qatar Airways are introducing an entirely dining experience in economy too. Branded Quisine, it features high quality food and a revised service. I loved the addition of the timeline on the new menus that shows you exactly when during the flight you can expect to receive each service. No more fear of sleeping on case you miss a service.

Qatar Airways new seats will make their debut on the A321neo and A321LR which will be serving secondary routes from later this year. Quisine will be rolling out from April 2019.

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