Limited Edition Boeing 747 Aircraft Skin Keychain


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Get your hands on a limited edition, unique piece of aviation history. These limited edition keychains are made from genuine aircraft skin, from a British Airways Boeing 747-436 (G-BYGF). Noel flew on this actual aircraft to make one of his earliest aviation vlogs, and now with the help of Doors2Manual he’s delighted to be able to keep a little piece of the aircraft flying.  Now you can too, as we have worked with Doors2Manual to create a limited number of these keychains.

No two of these are the same, as they are all unique cuts from 747 fuselage. They are all approx 7cm x 4cm in size, in a variety of colours depending on the location of the cut.

Please note: tags may have standard imperfections from operations and tear down, photo is example only.  Free shipping is only available within the UK for this product due to it being dispatched direct from our supplier.

View the videos this aircraft featured in:,