I tried Singapore Airlines A350 Business Class on a flight from Singapore to Los Angeles, to find out what the World’s Best Airline has to offer on their ultra long haul business class flights.

Singapore Airlines are widely renowned for having one of the best business class products in the world.  I had a chance to try it out onboard one of their longest routes – Singapore to Los Angeles – on a brand new Airbus A350-900ULR.

I’d arrived inbound from Mumbai with Singapore Airlines, and was looking forward to heading across the Pacific onboard the Airbus A350.

Singapore Changi Airport

Having missed the lounge thanks to a tight connection, I decided to have a look around Changi Airport’s famous outdoor gardens. There is a cactus garden as well as a lily garden, all airside and close to the gate.

There’s a rather humorously named bar just near to the gate area too.

Pretty soon it was time for boarding.  Our Airbus A350 was preparing for its ultra-long haul flight across the Pacific.

We were called for boarding and welcomed aboard by the fantastic Singapore Airlines crew.  I was shown personally to my seat.

The seat onboard the Singapore A350 is huge.  It’s incredibly spacious with lots of storage, power and a very comfortable flat bed.

In what seemed like no time, the jetbridge was disconnected and we pushed back from the stand right on time.

We made a lengthy taxi to the runway before making a stunning departure out of Singapore.

Breakfast Service

First meal service today was breakfast.  I’d used the ‘Book the Cook’ service to order Nasi Lemak.  This was lovely but a lot spicier than I’d imagined!

Breakfast complete I closed my window shade for sleep. I’d read that the bed wasn’t particularly comfortable but to be honest it was fine for my 6’3 frame. I slept for a solid eight hours and woke up just over halfway across the Pacific.

Dinner service

Dinner service was brought around, and once again I’d used the Book the Cook service.  This time I’d ordered Lobster Thermidor.  It was my first time trying lobster and it was absolutely delicious.

The Business Class cabin on Singapore’s A350 takes up most of the length of the aircraft.  There’s also a small Premium Economy section right at the back.

Landing in Los Angeles

Thanks to a healthy 180mph tailwind for most of the journey, we made excellent time and arrived well over 90 minutes ahead of schedule into Los Angeles. In no time at al,l we were on our approach into Los Angeles.

Thanks to crossing the International Date Line, we arrived around an hour before we took off, meaning I got to do Sunday again!

Singapore Airlines use the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) at LAX, which was pretty quiet. I was through in no time at all.

The verdict

It’s not difficult to see why Singapore Airlines business class is so highly regarded. It’s a truly fantastic product and the crew are second to none in giving you a wonderful experience.

My only complaint was the lack of an amenity kit; Singapore Airlines don’t give them out in business class, even when there is no first class on the aircraft, and on these ultra long routes across the Pacific it would have been useful. This wouldn’t put me off flying with them again though; they are truly a fantastic airline.

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