I flew Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300 Business Class from Mumbai to Singapore and took a trip back in time! The Boeing 777-300 is one of the oldest aircraft in Singapore AIrlines fleet and will soon be replaced by Airbus A350 and Boeing 787-10.

Singapore Airlines are widely regarded as one of the world’s best airlines. Today I was flying with them in business class from Mumbai, India to Singapore, onboard one of the oldest aircraft in the fleet – a Boeing 777-300.

Singapore Airlines operate the non-ER Boeing 777-300 on high density routes across the Indian subcontinent. I was looking forward to seeing what business class was like on this older aircraft.

I arrived at Mumbai’s international terminal after a stressful journey from the domestic terminal.

Mumbai has a dedicated business and first class check in area, which is a world away from the hustle and bustle of the main check in area.

Check in was pretty smooth, and I received my boarding pass and lounge pass before heading to the dedicated security lane.

After security, I headed for the passport control point where I was officially stamped out of India.

I headed for the GVK Lounge, which has the honour of being one of the most beautiful airport lounges I’ve ever visited.

I got a great view of the sunset as I waited for my flight.

The staff in the lounge really were incredible – running backwards and forwards bringing drinks, and even connecting my phone to the WiFi when I was having issues.

After a while, it was time to leave the oasis of the lounge, and head downstairs to the gate where our aircraft was getting ready for departure.

I received a typical Singapore welcome to the flight, and made my way through the lush first class cabin, to the slightly less lush business class cabin.

Business class seating on the 777-300 is in a 2-2-2 configuration, and nowhere near as private as the newer A350 and 777-300ERs that Singapore Airlines also operate. Still, it’s pretty comfortable for a 4-5 hour flight.

The seats felt very old and from another generation.

Before departure we were bought a pre-departure beverage.

Before long the jet bridge disconnected, and we took off into the sky above Mumbai.

Dinner was promptly served after takeoff. Singapore Airlines offer a ‘Book the Cook’ service, whereby it’s possible to pre order a wide range of food ahead of the flight. I’d opted for the Ruchi Thali which was a selection of Indian dishes.

The food was absolutely delicious, and a great way to say goodbye to India.

The inflight entertainment system on the Boeing 777-300s is very old – and exactly the same version of KrisWorld I had when I flew with them last in 2006! The system is really showing its age, especially compared to the system on the newer A350 and 787 aircraft that are replacing the 777.

I managed to get a few hours sleep and woke up as we commenced our descent into Singapore.

I’ve never flown into Singapore and not experienced a fantastic thunderstorm as we flew down the Strait of Malacca. Today was no exception; we were treated to a fantastic light display as we commenced our descent off the coast of Malaysia.

We touched down on schedule and taxied into the familiar terminal at Singapore’s Changi International.

Singapore Airlines fly from both Terminal 1 and 3 at Changi International, and today we had arrived into Terminal 3.

Singapore Airlines offer a fantastic soft product. The cabin crew are fantastic, and the meals second to none. However these old Boeing 777-300s are really showing their age. I’m really looking forward to seeing their new A350s and 787s on these routes once they retire the 777s.

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