Our company

I started my YouTube channel to share my adventures in 2013. In 2018, I founded IFV Media Limited, a limited company registered in England (company number 10705161), to handle my UK business affairs, through which most of my business is run. In 2021 we founded IFV Media LLC, a limited liability company incorporated in Delaware (file number 5894150), to handle our affairs in the US, and allow us to more easily pay our employees, contractors and services based in the US.

As of January 2022 we have a total of 5 employees, as well as numerous contractors undertaking jobs such as video editing, accounting, bookkeeping and virtual assistant services.

Our income and expenses

The company’s income is derived predominantly from advertising revenue, from the ads that are shown on videos on YouTube and Facebook, accounting for around 86% of our income. We take a smaller amount of income (around 6%) from brand sponsorships, and around 7% of our income comes from Patreon supporters and sales of merchandise. From this, by far our biggest expense is travel expenses, followed by staffing costs and a modest salary paid to myself to cover our living expenses.

A breakdown of the income we received in 2021, split by percentage.

Sponsorships: Airlines

Every scheduled flight I take is paid for directly by myself through my company (IFV Media Limited or IFV Media LLC). I do not accept free flights from airlines operating regular scheduled flights, nor do I accept payment for flying on any airline.

There are some flights which can only be arranged on invitation through the company operating them. For example cargo flights, private charter flights or special flights (delivery flights, press events or some inaugural flights). Where this happens, I always disclose the relationship with the airline in the video. If I don’t mention this, it’s been entirely paid for myself.

I sometimes get invited to fly with organisations operating unique flights that aren’t available to the general public, such as air ambulances, museums or humanitarian flights. Again, I will always fully disclose my relationship with such operators.

I always place the cost of the flight and the cost per mile at the end of the video, in order to be as transparent as possible, as well as disclosing any mileage redemptions or rewards I have used to pay for flights.

Sponsorships: Brands

I receive many offers for sponsorships every month. Most of the time they are not a fit for my audience, and I feel I would be doing my viewers a disservice by showing a product that’s completely unrelated or not something I would use anyway. Occasionally, a sponsor will approach us with a product that is a great fit for our viewers. In this case we may place a sponsored segment during the video, or feature their product during the video. I always try and implement such integrations to fit as naturally as possible in the video – and so that it is as unintrusive as possible to the viewer experience. Such integrations are always fully disclosed using the required disclaimers, and announced as a sponsorship for full transparency.


All views and opinions shown in any of my videos, or on any social media outlet, are mine, and mine alone. They do not necessarily represent the opinions or views of IFV Media Limited, IFV Media LLC, or any of our sponsors or brand partners. I work hard to maintain impartiality and objectivity as much as possible, and I pride myself on being ‘real’ and being fully transparent throughout all of my videos.