I flew Vistara Airlines Premium Economy on a flight from Delhi to Ahmedabad to see if Vistara really are the best domestic Indian airline.

Vistara is an Indian domestic airline founded in 2015 as a joint venture between Singapore Airlines and Tata. Today it’s the sixth largest domestic carrier in India, serving 24 destinations across India with a fleet of Airbus A320 and Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

Vistara offer a Premium Economy cabin onboard their domestic services, in addition to a business class and economy cabin. I chose to fly in Premium Economy today onboard an Airbus A320neo, for the short flight down to Ahmedabad.

Airport security in India is very strict.  After passing through a boarding pass check to enter the terminal, there is a security screening point just inside the doors.  Once through there you have to get your name written in a book, all before you check in.

Check in

Vistara offer a separate Premium Economy and Business Class check in.


If getting into the terminal wasn’t difficult enough, security to get airside was another level entirely. Passengers have to empty every single electronic item, cable and battery into a tray. Staff are incredibly strict and I got sent to the back of the line twice after misunderstanding.

Even when you’re through the checkpoint, there is a separate frisking for every single passenger. Boarding passes are required at this point, and I’d sent mine through the scanner so had to once again go back to retrieve it.

Finally, I passed security and was airside, and I headed for the upstairs food court.

There is a substantial food court with many Indian and western outlets, all with an Indian twist.

After grabbing breakfast I headed for the gate.


Boarding was called first for business class, and next for Premium Economy.

I received a warm welcome onboard the Airbus A320neo from the cabin crew and made my way through the business class cabin to Premium Economy.

Breakfast menus were brought around.  I was surprised that a meal would be served on this flight, but I chose the omelette as the closest thing to breakfast my Western mind imagines.

Pretty soon we headed to the active runway, and were followed out by a Turkmenistan Airlines Boeing 737.

We took off into the murky skies of Delhi.

Inflight entertainment

Vistara’s aircraft feature WiFi, which seems to only work for inflight entertainment using the Vistara World system.  There is a range of Bollywood movies, TV shows and a live flight map.

Breakfast service

My Mexican omelette arrived and I was pleasantly surprised by the size and quality of the meal.

Vistara operate a fleet of A320ceo, A320neo and Boeing 737-800 aircraft on a route network across India.


Pretty soon we were on approach to Ahmedabad, in the Indian state of Gujarat.

We disembarked into the terminal and headed on through.

Overall I found Vistara to be a fantastic airline. The Singapore Airlines influence is strong and it’s clear that Vistara offer a premium product in the crowded Indian domestic aviation market.

I wouldn’t hesitate to fly with them again – and look forward to them starting international service when they receive their Boeing 787s.

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